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What are the Best Activities/”Must Do’s” When Vacationing in Port Aransas?

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Private Atlantic Bottle Nose Dolphin Watching Nature and Sunset Bout Tour Port Aransas
Private Atlantic Bottle Nose Dolphin Watching Nature and Sunset Bout Tour Port Aransas

Enjoy the Beach

Port Aransas Texas’ official website claims that Port Aransas has the best beaches in Texas! Port Aransas’ location is prime for beach lovers because of its proximity to multiple world-class beaches like Aransas Beach, Mustang Island State Park, and San Jose Island. The warm clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico meet wide open beaches that stretch for miles, forming the perfect oasis for those who want to soak in the sun and sand.

World-Class Deep Sea Fishing

If you’re a seasoned angler, you probably already know that Port Aransas is considered to be the “Fishing capital of Texas.” The Gulf of Mexico and the bay’s surrounding Port Aransas make for the perfect place to catch a uniquely wide range of fish. There are charters that will take you around the shore, but the real treat here is the Deep Sea Fishing Charters offered by experts like

Charter boat fishing in and around Port Aransas is available to those with any level of experience and groups of any size. To book your fishing adventure, first choose whether you’ll need a private charter (great for larger groups) or a party charter (an economical option for those going solo or in small groups). From there, you’ll want to determine the length of your charter which will also determine the types of fish you’ll have a chance to catch. You can learn more about charter lengths and fish types at


It’s no secret that Texas offers up some of the best and most diverse cuisine offerings in the country. Port Aransas makes Texas proud with food options ranging from classic American bar food, Tex-Mex, traditional Mexican, Italian/Venetian, Cajun, Vietnamese, and of course, fresh delicious seafood harvested straight from the Gulf of Mexico. For those looking to maximize their fun, you can take your to-go food orders straight onto your fishing excursions as long as there’s no glass.

Dolphin Sunset Tour

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience in Port Aransas, look no further than a majestic Sunset Dolphin Boat Tour. Whether you’re looking for activities with friends, family, or a romantic date, the Dolphin Sunset tour is sure to wow and satisfy all. Get your favorite meal of choice to go and take a trip around the beautiful waters of Port Aransas exploring the local jetties and ship channel checking out the dolphins while learning about the local area’s rich history. Experience the sunset from the Lydia Ann channel to watch even more dolphins and a beautiful sun set behind the Lydia Ann lighthouse.

You can book a dolphin sunset boat tour in Port Aransas with a deep sea charter boat like Blue Water Excursions at or reach out for more information at or Phone: 3618001637 or CLICK HERE for dolphin watch tour info

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