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How much does a fishing charter in Port Aransas Cost?

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Port Aransas is known as “Texas’ fishing capital” for its amicable weather conditions and wide variety of fish that can be caught in the warm and diverse waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The Port’s location creates a unique opportunity for those looking to try their hand at bringing home their own “catch of the day.” Because of Port Aransas’ array of channels, lakes, bays, piers, and access to the deep waters of the Gulf, you can experience everything from pier fishing to deep sea fishing during your stay.

Because fishing, and especially deep sea fishing, is such a popular attraction for the area, deep sea fishing charters in Port Aransas see everyone from professional and experienced anglers to true novices looking to book fishing charters. If you’re new to the world of deep sea fishing and fishing charters, you might be wondering: How much does a deep sea fishing charter cost in Port Aransas? Below we’ve laid out some of the biggest factors we recommend you consider when planning your deep sea fishing trip in Port Aransas.

Okay, if you’re reading this, you are probably acting as the travel planner for your trip to Port Aransas. When it comes to picking the right fishing activities for your group, it’s vital to first understand your group's level of fishing knowledge, number of interested fishers, and desired experience from the day.

These factors will help you determine two key indicators for pricing: charter type and length. If you’re traveling in a larger group, you will most likely want to book a private charter boat so that you can have the entire boating experience to yourselves. If you’re traveling in a smaller group, a party boat or head boat is a great way to get the full deep sea fishing experience at an affordable rate. With a party boat, you’ll be joined by other individuals or smaller groups on one charter boat.

The general rule of thumb when choosing how long of a fishing charter you should book is: more time = more fish. If you’re looking for a “first time experience” into deep sea fishing, a 6 hour charter should be enough to take you 25 miles offshore during snapper season and give you a chance to catch some cool fish. 6 hour deep sea fishing tours cost ~$1750 and can be booked on relatively short notice by local, professional, and highly experienced anglers like BWE Deep Sea Fishing. At this price, you can expect all fishing equipment to be included, as well as a private toilet on the boat, a live bait tank, cooler, and modern navigational electronics. You’d only need to purchase your fishing license and pack some snacks and drinks for the day. You can learn more about their 6 hour tours here:

If you’re a more experienced angler looking for tuna fishing, marlin fishing, shark fishing, or other deep sea fishing opportunities you might want to consider a 8-12 hour trip. The 8-12 hour trip looks similar in accommodation to the 6-hour tours, but with more opportunity to target reef fish 30-70+ miles offshore in the "rocks" or natural banks and beyond. 8-12 hour tours can cost $2400-$3400 with BWE Deep Sea Fishing and again include everything you need for a day on the water excluding the fishing license and food of choice. You can learn more about BWE Deep Sea Fishing’s 8-12 hour deep sea fishing expeditions here:

The length of your trip directly affects which types of fish you can expect to catch, so check ahead of time for what time of year and length of trip will match the experience you’re looking to have. For those new to fishing looking for an exciting and memorable experience, don’t be discouraged by this! Even on a shorter 6 hour deep sea fishing tour, in the Gulf of Mexico you can expect to catch Red snapper, Sharks, King mackerel, Ling, and many other near coastal fish depending on the season!

You can book a deep sea fishing tour in Port Aransas with a deep sea charter boat like Blue Water Excursions at or reach out for more information at or Phone: 3618001637 or CLICK HERE for more Info

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