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Frequently Asked Questions when going Deep Sea Fishing in Port Aransas

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Offshore / Deep Sea Guide fishing Charter Service Port A
Offshore / Deep Sea Guide fishing Charter Service Port A

Seasoned anglers and novices alike come to visit Port Aransas each year, which isn’t surprising given that the area is considered to be the “Fishing capital of Texas,” and one of the premier locations to fish for red snapper. If you’re interested in booking a deep sea fishing charter, you may have some questions about what to expect, what to bring, and how to maximize your fishing experience. Here are some of BWE’s frequently asked questions about Deep Sea Fishing in Port Aransas.

What kind of boat is used for Deep Sea Fishing Charters?

Captain Chad Banks is a licensed master 200 ton captain with over 10+ years of experience and thousands of fishing trips offshore of Port Aransas under his belt. Captain Chad steers the “Dog House,” a 36 ft long 12 foot wide catamaran powered by 300 horse power twin outboard 4 stroke Yamahas.

The “Dog House” catamaran is equipped with all the bait and tackle needed to have a successful deep sea fishing trip in Port Aransas. Onboard you will find a bathroom, however there is no AC, so in case of no wind days, you should prepare for hot weather.

What do we need to bring?

BWE Deep Sea Fishing Charters recommends you bring a few items on board with you to ensure you fully enjoy your fishing experience. First and foremost, food! We recommend you bring a to-go food order of your choice onto your fishing excursions as long as there’s no glass.

In addition to food, we recommend bringing the following on your deep sea fishing charter:

  • Valid Texas fishing license

  • Sunglasses

  • Sea sick meds

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunglasses

  • Cooler to transport your catch home from the boat

  • Valid form of payment

  • Comfortable shoes (without black soles)

  • Hat

  • Seasickness medication (recommended to start dosage before departure)

As an additional note, a fish cleaning service is offered at the dock for a small fee.

What can you catch on a deep sea fishing trip in Port Aransas?

Your potential catch on a deep sea fishing trip, will change from day to day. The time of year, trip route, and length of charter will directly affect the types of fish you can catch. This Summer of 2023 you can enjoy Red Snapper Season from June 1st to August 19th. During the summer you can expect to catch red snapper (depending on weather), king fish, sharks, ling, and on longer trips tuna, Mahi or Dorado, deep dropping for grouper, tilefish, and even swordfish.

How do you book a Deep Sea Fishing Charter in Port Aransas?

The BWE Deep Sea Fishing Charter is open for bookings all summer. You can book a deep sea fishing charter in Port Aransas with a deep sea charter boat like Blue Water Excursions at or reach out for more information at or Phone: 3618001637 or CLICK HERE for offshore fishing info

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